The Official Self-Serve Recommendation for Infusionsoft or ONTRAPORT

This is the page that really matters… it’s the shortcut to finding the best business and marketing automation software for you. This is where you can make that choice pretty easily.

You’re here because you’ve read the treatise Infusionsoft vs. ONTRAPORT

I only recommend Infusionsoft or ONTRAPORT because the other two options aren’t practical for most businesses. But they might be worth mentioning.

There are two behemoth enterprise-level automation products that will run you $3000/month minimum. They are called Eloqua and Marketo. Those big dawgs offer a similar feature set at 10X the cost of IS or OP.

I just went ahead and assumed that you and I are alike in the sense that we enjoy getting more for less.

I have very little brand loyalty to either Infusionsoft or ONTRAPORT and being the flag man that directs you to where you need to go is great fun.

So please read carefully:

When You Should Choose ONTRAPORT:

Choose ONTRAPORT if your business model or industry is…

  • Business or Life Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Speaking
  • Author
  • Seminar Leader
  • Information Marketing
  • Blogger

Choose ONTRAPORT if you are…

  • High volume emailer (OP allows for personal IP addresses)
  • New to online marketing (OP is quickes to learn)
  • New to marketing in general (Get free campaigns done for you)
  • Need more of a personal touch (without extra cost)

Do NOT choose ONTRAPORT if…

  • You need or want a multi-product store where people can add several products to a shopping cart.
  • You feel like you must have the visual designing capabilities of the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder to be successful.
  • Your product or service is B2B. OP is not “business aware” meaning businesses are not factored in to their CRM, only warm blooded humans.


When You Should Choose Infusionsoft:

Choose Infusionsoft if your business model or industry is…

  • Traditonal small business (offline businesses, brick and mortar, etc)
  • E-commerce (sell multiple products via shopping cart)
  • Business to Business sales and marketing (any company with a sales team).
  • Pipeline based sales model (Built-in tools for pipeline sales)

Choose Infusionsoft if you are…

  • Dependent upon a visual campaign builder
  • Wanting big events and community to support your

Do NOT choose Infusionsoft if…

  • You need personal help to succeed and don’t have the budget to pay for that help.
  • You get overwhelmed very easily with technology (Infusionsoft is intimidating).

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