The Very Best and Most Essential Infusionsoft Plugins and Resources

After digesting the esteemed content on this website, it may have been clear to you that I resent a couple things about Infusionsoft. One of those things is that it doesn’t seem to do all the things I’d assume an automation platform should do.

Good thing about that is that there are smart humans on planet earth who go out there and BUILD things to plug the holes.

I’m made a list here of the tools that I personally use every day with Infusionsoft to make it go better and make all the monies with less stress.

Automation Tools

Email and CRM Tips and Statistics
Our EMail and CRM tips page we put together to help you maximize your software once you chose one.

PlusThis ($59/month) – by far, this is the most mandatory and indispensable piece of software I could ever recommend for Infusionsoft. It does so many little things it’s hard to even describe how useful it is. From capitalizing first names, to fixing wonky Infusionsoft dates, to integrating with GoToWebinar, allowing for split testing of campaigns and broadcasts, to implementing custom and dynamic thank you pages… I can go on and on. This piece of software is a life saver and has made my Infusionsoft experience a ton better. Now, granted, I think Infusionsoft should do a lot of this stuff by default but it doesn’t and PlusThis plugs that hole brilliantly.

FuzedApp ($39/month) – I use FuzedApp to track my Wistia video viewer activity and to add social and demographic data to Infusionsoft. Meaning, someone subscribes and then Fuzed goes and pulls any available data about whether or not that person is male or female, what state they’re in, etc so that I can then do automated campaigns based off of gender and locale, which is HUGE. It also integrates beautifully with GoToWebinar and HelpScout (the only customer service platform that I use).

AppointmentCore ($27/month) – This app is brilliant for automating appointments and appointment reminders within Infusionsoft. It also syncs with your Infusionsoft application and shows up in the calendar and daily tasks as part of your “My Day” dashboard. Very cool, especially if you run a sales team, it’s indispensable.

Zapier – Connects to hundreds of other web applications. Incredibly useful when you need to bootstrap two things together.

Landing Pages

Infusionsoft is the WORST when it comes to building a landing page. Their tool is ugly and stiff. Luckily, there is a tool that has come on the market recently and blown everything else away…

ClickFunnels ($97/month) – This software has soothed some of the biggest pains I’v felt for years. A tool that allows you to create literally ANYTHING, any web page, and connect it effortlessly to Infusionsoft and track every little thing. That might not seem like a lot but if you build funnels and landing pages, and sales pages, and webinar pages, and thank you pages and affiliate pages and membership sites and etc etc. Go and check it out. You owe it to yourself. It puts all those different tools into one. Too much awesomeness to go through here.

Membership Sites

ClickFunnels – I do not use Infusionsoft’s CustomerHub. I don’t use WordPress based membership with Infusionsoft. I use ClickFunnels membership sites. They’re fast, simple and all I’ve ever needed and they’re built right into the funnels themselves on the same platform I use for landing pages. It’s seamless and awesome. There are tons of membership site software on the market, I’ve used a dozen of them and have come back to ClickFunnels.

Reports, Tracking and Analytics

WickedReports – Scott solved the single biggest problem in Infusionsoft’s history… how do you track your results from end to end. He can tell you which ad brough which sales and which email it was that sold them and everything in between. Finally, there’s an answer to “which campaign is working.” Thank you Scott. If you are a marketer and you are looking to get the biggest and clearest ROI ever, you need Scott’s service. It’s not cheap and it’s only for businesses with decent revenue. Check them out.

Commerce and Shopping Carts

If you are selling in a traditional commerce setting (think or then DO NOT use Infusionsoft’s shopping cart. It’s ugly, slow, terrible for SEO. I highly, highly recommend using two tools that will make your store beautiful, fast, user friendly and still have the marketing chops you want.

Shopify – Hands down the easiest to use, best shopping cart I’ve used. I’ve tested dozens. This should house your website and shopping cart and will allow you to sell efficiently and effectively. It’s hosted and secure, meaning you don’t have the head aches of Magento or BigCommerce.

RevenueConduit ($49.95/month) – This is a plugin for Infusionsoft that connects directly to your Shopify account. This allows you to automate literally anything you desire based off of your customer’s purchase history. It’s awesome. They’ve built a solid structure that allows you to shine with your marketing automation. I love their tool. You can also use FuzedApp for integration with Shopify.